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Dani Noir by Nova Ren Suma

December 21, 2009

What do you do if your dad’s a cheater, and your mom is a giant crying mess?  What about if you are being forced to stay with your dad’s new girlfriend and her mean daughter for the weekend?  Why not investigate a mystery while pretending to be your favorite film noir heroin?

The book was slow for me, and the main character was whiney.  She sees her dad’s cheating as a crime against her and her mom.  It’s really a book about divorce and cheating more than anything else.  If you are looking for a book to help you understand what a cheater has done I would recommend it, but if you’re looking for a fun and interesting book to read, then this one is a pass.


Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris

December 21, 2009

Christian is a human child who runs away to live in the woods with a troll named Ed.  Marigold is a princess who would rather play with dogs then dolls or crowns.  This is the story of how they grow up as strangers then become friends.

The book is funny, fast, and smart.  With fairies, trolls, p-mail, and a psychotic ferret, you will laugh out loud and be cheering by the end.  I recommend this book to anyone looking for a little romance, and a lot of laughs.


New Books for December!

December 17, 2009

Here is a list of new books we’ve gotten in this month.

Click on the book cover to find it in the library

Watching Jimmy by Nancy Hartry

Carolyn know the truth of how her best friend, Jimmy, became brain damaged.  His Uncle Ted taught him a lesson that left him that way.  Now Uncle Ted is threatening the family with more abuse.  Carolyn must find the courage to stand up to Ted and speak out.

Angel in Vegas by Norma Howe

A demoted guardian angel finds himself with an assignment in Las Vegas.  He was Princess Diana’s guardian angel and now finds himself in the body of a teenage boy and watching over a teenage girl.

Blood Ninja by Nick Lake

Taro discovers the connection between ninjas and vampires, after his father is murdered and her is saved by a ninja.  Now he finds himself in a bitter conflict between rival groups ruling Japan.

The World is Mine by Lyah B. LeFlore

Blue and Collin are best friend and seems to have it all.  During their junior year they become party promoters where anything can happen.

WTF by Peter Larangis

A group of high school students, undercover police and drug dealers endure a crazy night of missed meetings, car accidents, house parties, text messaging and other experiences in and around New York City.

Beautiful: Truth’s Found When Beauty’s Lost by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma

Ellen is a beautiful, driven high school senior who has her life figured out.  When tragedy strikes soon after her hated grandfather’s funeral, she is left figure out what it all means.

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

Torn from their family and thrown into prison, a brother and sister must rediscover their supernatural powers in order to save themselves, their parents and the world.

Shadowmask by RA and Geno Salvatore

Armed with his late mentor’s cloak and magical sword, Maimon sets out on a dangerous and adventurous journey determined to find the stolen stone of Tymora and avenge the death of his mentor while eluding the evil demon Asbeel, who is also searching for the precious stone.

The Pillow Book of Lotus by Libby Schmais

Lotus Lowenstein, a quirky sixteen year old,  reveals in her diary that although she lives in Brooklyn and is failing high school French, she loves all things Gallic and dreams of living as an existentialist in Paris.

Struts and Frets by Jon Skovron

Sammy wants to be a musician just like his grandfather was.  But now, his band is self-destructing and he is too distracted to notice because his grandfather’s health is declining and he’s confused about his feelings for his best friend.

The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

Dennis is lonely and bored.  His mother left the family, his dad is depressed and his brother is a bully.  At least, Dennis has soccer and his secret love of fashion.


January Teen Book Club

December 14, 2009

Gripping book set in a future version of the United States. Each year, the society picks a boy and girl from each of twelve districts to fight to the death tournament. Katniss volunteers herself to go into the Hunger Games in place of her sister, whom she knows will never survive. Now, Katniss has to figure out how she is going to survive. It will take all her cunning skills of hunting, gathering and stalking her prey to beat the teenagers who are bred to be killers for the Hunger Games.

The book club will meet on Jan 2 at 1pm.  Come into the Teen Tower to get a copy of the book.  New members are always welcome.

Feel free to leave a comment withyour thoughts on this book.


Jumping Off Swings by Jo Knowles

December 14, 2009

Jumping Off Swings is written from the perspective of four teens all dealing with one situation.  Ellie is high school girl who tends to sleep around.  She is trying to find someone to love her, but all the boys just seem to use her.  Caleb has known Ellie since they were in 2nd grade.  He has loved her that long but has never told her.  Corinne is Ellie’s best friend, but Ellie doesn’t always confide in Corinne and Corinne knows there is more to Ellie than she is letting on.  Finally, Josh is one of the boys who uses Ellie.  He is also the one that gets her pregnant.  Now, all the teens are mixed up in problems they never wanted to be part of.

This book was a fast read.  The four characters are all very complex.  Each has a lot more going on than they let on to their friends or family.  I thought the story was great.  Unfortunately, I felt the author did not do a great job of creating a voice for each character.  Each time the narrator changed, I had a hard time figuring out which teen was narrating.  Overall, this was a good book, but the characters voices could have been written better.


Teen Photography Contest Winners

December 14, 2009

This was our closest contest ever.  There were 190 votes.  Only 3 votes separated our first place and second place winners.  Thank you to everyone who entered a photograph, we have all been blown away by the caliber of the work submitted.  The winners are:

1st Place

Photo Number 17

2nd Place

Photo Number 7

3rd Place

Photo Number 9

Honorable Mention goes to the following photographs:

Photo Number 3

Photo Number 3

Photo Number 10

Photo Number 25


Carrie by Stephen King

December 8, 2009

If you like unexplained or extraordinary events, and don’t mind pushing a PG-13 rating in what you read, Carrie is a great novel for you.  If you’re interested in horror novels, this book is a good to introduction to the genre and to Stephen King. If you like this book, you’ll also like works by a similar writer, John Bellairs and some of King’s other early novels, like ‘Salem’s Lot or The Shining. King’s writing is interesting, but not heavy, and it’s easy to read.

A second opinion:

Definitely worth giving the time to read, especially if you’re  interested in the abnormal and anything that gives a creepy or scary feeling.  I’m not into horror, but I’m not going to scratch the book because of that.  It’s well written, enjoyable to many, as long as you can keep your cool when reading it and not have nightmares.  Got time to spare or just finished another book and looking for a replacement? Give Carrie a go.