February Teen Book Club

January 2, 2010

In an upstate farming community, high school reporter Hildy Biddle investigates a series of strange occur ences at a house rumored to be haunted.

The book club will meet February 6th 1-2pm

Pick up your copy of the book in the Teen Tower.

New members always welcome.

Please feel free to leave your comments about the book on this site.



  1. I’m reading the book right now and I can’t beleive the way that the adults in this book are acting. It’s crazy. I think it’s a little crazy that the teenagers are the most sensible people in the book. Does anyone think the Ludlow house is really haunted?

    • im done with the book

    • The book was good

  2. I’m glad you liked it. I loved the way that that they all kept going even when they were getting threatened by adults. The ending happened a little to fast, but the book was good.

  3. hey i am not sure i want to read the book anyone have any tips to what the book is about so i will want to read it

    • The book is about a town that goes crazy because they think a rundown house is haunted. The house is credited with having killed two people. When the local newspaper starts printing stories about the haunting, and the whole town goes insane, it’s up to the school newspaper to try and get the facts. This is a fun book because the teenagers are the ones who try to get the truth while the adults in town seem to be plotting together to scare each other. Even when the school newspaper gets shut down, and someone starts making threats to the reporters, they still try to solve the mystery and save the town.

  4. Is it a Realistic Fiction book?

    • It is a Mystery.

  5. Alright I think I miht try it but I am not sure still but I will still read it

  6. yo it tried to read the book but it just isn’t workin out sorry but i am still comin to book club

  7. HEY GUYS!! i finished the book and it was terrific. I was wondering is there a sequel? but also what time are we meeting for the Lightning theif movie?

    • For the Lightning Theif we are meeting at 10:30 just inside the doors of the movie theater in Castle Rock. I have the tickets. I’m glad you liked the book. There is no sequel. Sorry. See you Saturday.

  8. COOL!! I just thought there might be a sequel because of the way it ended. I am definitly coming to the movie.

  9. Hey are there any other adventure books i can read!!!

    • If this is Erin asking, check your holds shelf. I put 5 books there for you.

  10. If the person looking for action books is not Erin, do another post and I will write out a list for you.

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