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Pop by Gordon Korman

March 15, 2010

Marcus Jordan moved to a new town in the middle of the summer before his junior year.  The new town has a amazing football team and Marcus is a quarterback.  He is determined for the team.  He begins playing in the park before the practices begin.  While practicing, a older guy, Charlie,  starts playing with him.  Marcus thinks this is odd, but he is good and teaches Marcus a lot.  When practices begin, it is obvious nobody wants him around, but Marcus keeps working and practicing with Charlie.  As time goes on, Marcus begins to realize that there is something wrong with Charlie.  Not only that, but Charlie is the father of the high school quarter back.  Now Marcus, is alienated from the team and can’t explain his new friendship to anyone.

Pop is a good book that is about more than football.  Marcus is a great character.  He is so caring and naive about the situation at hand.  He wants to do good by everyone, but knows it will get him in trouble.  Charlie is such a complicated character, but shows the reader the issues that can develop through football.  I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good sports book.  I really enjoyed it.