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Lockdown: Escape from Furnace by Alexander Gordan Smith

January 9, 2010

Alex has been thrown in jail for the murder of his best friend.  The trial is a joke with an evil punch line, Furnace.  Furnace is the world’s first underground juvenile detention center.  You only get sent there if you get a life sentence, because no one ever gets out.  Furnace is hundreds of miles below the earth, carved out of solid rock.  It’s guarded by grotesque creatures with gas masks sewn to their faces, hell hounds without any skin, and linebacker sized men in identical black suits.

Furnace seems like a fitting place for murders to live out their days, but there’s just one problem…About half of the inmates are innocent, including Alex.

The book gives a different perspective on bullying.  We see things from the point of view of someone who is a juvenile delinquent, but is not a killer.  It’s a realistic look at prisons and the juvenile crime culture, but with a demonic twist that will have you racing to turn the next page.


Genesis Alpha by Rune Michaels

November 27, 2009

When Max gets arrested for murder his thirteen year old brother is determined to prove that he didn’t do it.  Josh and his brother are exactly alike so he knows that there is no way that his brother killed anyone. When the murdered girl’s sister shows up Josh is forced to face the truth about who he is and what his brother is capable of.

The story is frightening and realistic.  The science of why Max and Josh are so alike is shocking when it’s revealed, and it leaves the reader wondering about the kind of person Josh will be.  Do we really have the power to choose our own destiny or is it all genetics?