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New Books- 2nd Week of May

May 8, 2010

Bullet Point by Peter Abrahams

The only thing seventeen-year-old Wyatt knew about his biological father was that he was serving a life sentence, but circumstances and a new girlfriend bring them together and soon Wyatt is working to prove his father’s innocence.

The Karma Club by Jessica Brody

When high school senior Maddy catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she devises a complicated plan to get revenge.

Tell Us We’re Home by Marina Budhos

Three immigrant girls from different parts of the world meet and become close friends in a small New Jersey town where their mothers have found domestic work, but their relationships are tested when one girl’s mother is accused of stealing a precious heirloom.

Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Sixteen-year-old Gemma, a British city-dweller, is abducted while on vacation with her parents and taken to the Australian outback, where she soon realizes that escape attempts are futile, and in time she learns that her captor is not as despicable as she first believed.

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Lani and Jason, who is her best friend’s boyfriend, fall in love, causing Lani tremendous anguish and guilt.

Mistwood by Leah Cypess

Brought back from the Mistwood to protect the royal family, a girl who has no memory of being a shape-shifter encounters political and magical intrigue as she struggles with her growing feelings for the prince.

Stettin Station by David Downing

With American entry into WWII looming, Anglo-American John Russell searches for a way out of Germany.

Resistance: Book 1 by Carla Jablonski

Fighting on a secret front of World War II Paul and Marie’s bucolic French country town is almost untouched by the ravages of WWII, but the siblings still live in the shadow of war. Their father is a Prisoner of War, kept hostage by the Germans. When their friend Henri’s parents disappear and Henri goes into hiding because of his Jewish ancestry, Paul and Marie realize they must take a stand. But how can they convince the French Resistance that even children can help in their fight against injustice? Resistance is the first volume of a trilogy written by acclaimed teen author Carla Jablonski and illustrated by Leland Purvis.

Party by Tom Leveen

As eleven different high school students recount, in their own voices, events before, during, and after the same end-of-year party, the stories intersect and combine in unexpected ways.

After the Kiss by Terra Ela Mcvoy

This moment changes everything.  Becca has been head-over-heels for Alec from the instant they met. He’s a brainy jock with a poet’s heart—in other words, perfect for her.  Camille is careful with her words and protective of her heart, especially since Chicago. Then a new boy in her new town catches her off guard with a surprise kiss.  Too bad that new boy is Becca’s boyfriend, Alec.  Camille and Becca have never met, but their lives will unravel and intertwine in surprising ways as they deal with what happens after the kiss.

Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski

After accidentally dropping her cell phone into a fountain at the mall, fourteen-year-old Devi Banks starts to get phone calls–and an earful of advice on how to live her life to avoid making disastrous choices–from her seventeen-year-old self.

As Easy As Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins

A teenaged boy encounters one comedic calamity after another when his train strands him in the middle of nowhere, and everything comes down to luck.

The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

In 1943, in a seaside town where their family has gone to be safe from war, thirteen-year-old Max Carver and sister, fifteen-year-old Alicia, with new friend Roland, face off against an evil magician who is striving to complete a bargain made before he died.

Thief Eyes by Janni Lee Simner

Haley’s mother disappeared while on a trip to Iceland, and a year later, when her father takes her there to find out what happened, Haley finds herself deeply involved in an ancient saga that began with her Nordic ancestors.

Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

Sixteen-year-old Aura of Baltimore, Maryland, reluctantly works at her aunt’s law firm helping ghosts with wrongful death cases file suits in hopes of moving on, but it becomes personal when her boyfriend, a promising musician, dies and persistently haunts her.

Checkered Flag Cheater by Will Weaver

Sequel to Super Stock Rookie

Trace Bonham, a teenaged professional stock car racer, blows away the competition wherever he races, but with every victory Trace is increasingly aware that his winning is due to more than just his driving skills.


New Books First Week of May

April 29, 2010

Just so you all know, I will now be putting the new books up once a week.

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Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

In a futuristic world, teenaged, Nailer, scavenges copper wiring from grounded oil tankers for a living, but when he finds a beached clipper ship with a girl in the wreckage, he has to decide if he should strip the ship for its wealth or rescue the girl.

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

After winning a coveted spot on the high school cheerleading squad, sixteen-year-old newcomer, Jess Parker, is still treated as an “outsider” by the majority of the student body thanks to the harassment campaign led by the popular cheerleader she displaced.

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Explorers by Philip Caveney

Third book in the Sebastian Darke Series

Sebastian and his companions are hired by a rich merchant to seek out the legendary lost city of Mendip, a quest that is challenged by fierce jungle tribes, warrior beasts, and the pleas of a beautiful girl.

The Reason by Marley Gibson

Ghost Huntress Book 3

It’s not every day that you have a premonition of your own demise. But two months after Kendall Moorehead had that dream or vision or whatever it was that showed her death, all is well in her world. Maybe some cosmic wires got crossed. Then Kendall gets a request from the mayor of Radisson, Georgia, to investigate the mayor’s manor. Emily and Loreen warn against it : this spirit is dangerous. But not even they can see just how dangerous.

Comeback by Vicki Grant

Ria’s dad is charming, happy-go-lucky, and rich. Too bad Ria is stuck living with her mother, who works hard, worries about money, and is usually tired and cranky. Her father shows up unexpectedly in a 1962 LeSabre and, in a grandiose gesture, hands the keys to his daughter’s boyfriend. Ria decides to tell her parents that it would be so much better for everyone if she lived with her dad. But then his plane is reported down, in an assumed suicide. What is worse is that Ria’s beloved father is now much maligned; apparently he was swindling his customers. In denial and in defense of him, Ria runs away with her brother in tow.

The Alpha Bet by Stephanie Hale

Grace Kelly Cook, a self-proclaimed “science geek,” starts college by allowing her roommate to help with a makeover, kissing a cute boy, and pledging a sorority, but she fears what will happen when others learn that she lied about her family connections and is only sixteen.

So Over My Head by Jenny B. Jones

Oklahoma seventeen-year-old Bella Kirkwood wages a full-scale war to win Luke back from his ex-girlfriend, tries to save her father from a diva with shady motives, and investigates the disappearance of a murdering magician.

The Carbon Diaries 2017 by Saci Lloyd

Sequel to The Carbon Diaries

In 2017, two years after England introduces carbon dioxide rationing to combat climatic change, eighteen-year-old Laura chronicles her first year at a London university as natural disasters and political upheaval disrupt her studies.

Conspiracy 365: May by Gabrielle Lord

On New Year’s Eve, 15-year-old Callum Ormond is chased down the street by a staggering, sick man with a deadly warning, “They killed your father. They’ll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days”. Hurled into a life on the run, with a price on his head, the fugitive is isolated and alone. Hunted by the law and ruthless criminals, Cal must somehow uncover the truth about his father’s mysterious death and a history-changing secret. 12 books, 12 months.

My Boyfriends’ Dogs: Tales of Adam and Eve by Dandi Daley Mackall

When high school senior Bailey Daley shows up at a St. Louis diner soaking wet in the middle of a rainy night, wearing her prom dress and leading three dogs, the owner invites her in to tell her story of searching in vain for the perfect boyfriend.

Sources of Light by Margaret McMullan

Fourteen-year-old Samantha and her mother move to Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962 after her father is killed in Vietnam, and during the year they spend there Sam encounters both love and hate as she learns about photography from a new friend of her mother’s and witnesses the prejudice and violence of the segregationists of the South.

Vulture’s Wake by Kirsty Murray

In a future Australia, Callum, a kidnapped boy, and Bo, perhaps the only female survivor of a bird virus, travel through a lawless, battle-ridden landscape as Callum seeks his fathers and Bo tries to find a place to belong.

A Golden Web by Barbara Quick

In fourteenth-century Bologna, Alessandra Giliani, a brilliant young girl, defies convention and risks death in order to attend medical school at the university so that she can study anatomy.

Sorta Like a Rockstar by Matthew Quick

Although seventeen-year-old Amber Appleton is homeless, living in a school bus with her unfit mother, she is a relentless optimist who visits the elderly at a nursing home, teaches English to Korean Catholic women with the use of rhythm and blues music, and befriends a solitary Vietnam veteran and his dog, but eventually she experiences one burden more than she can bear and slips into a deep depression.

Three Rivers Rising by Jame Richards

Sixteen-year-old Celestia is a wealthy member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, where she meets and falls in love with Peter, a hired hand who lives in the valley below, and by the time of the torrential rains that lead to the disastrous Johnstown flood of 1889, she has been disowned by her family and is staying with him in Johnstown.

Possessing Jessie by Nancy Springer

High school senior Jessie, blaming herself for her selfish, manipulative brother Jason’s death, tries to comfort her bereft mother by dressing and talking like him, but soon his spirit is taking over her life, while Jessie’s best friend Alisha desperately tries to save her.

Flirting With Disaster by Rhonda Stapleton

Stupid Cupid novel #2

Matchmaker…or heartbreaker? Felicity is a total romantic. That’s why she follows her heart–not the rules–in her job as cupid. But when Felicity turns her matchmaking magic on her best friend, Andy, it’s Andy who breaks their golden rule: Friends always come first. Andy is so wrapped up in her new guy that she’s ditching everyone else. How can Felicity stop her BFF from letting a BF come between them? Meanwhile, Felicity decides to get over her crush on Derek by setting him up with someone else–but in her impulsive haste, she accidentally matches him with the whole school, and now everyone is in love with him. The entire student body is headed toward heartbreak, just weeks before prom. Does Felicity have what it takes to make everyone’s heart happy…including her own?

Raven Speak by Diane L. Wilson

In 854, the bold fourteen-year-old daughter of a Viking chieftain, aided by her old and thin but equally intrepid horse and an ancient, one-eyed seer, must find a way to keep her clan together and save them from starvation.


New Books for April

March 25, 2010

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The Reckoning by Kelly Armstrong

Darkest Powers Book 3

Fifteen-year-old Chloe, a necromancer, struggles to understand her feelings for werewolf Derek and his sorcerer brother, Simon, while seeking a way to enter the headquarters of the sinister Edison Group and rescue her aunt Lauren and friend Rachelle.

Choppy Sock Blues by Ed Briant

In the South of England, fourteen-year-old Jay resumes contact with his father, a movie stuntman and karate instructor, after two years of estrangement to impress a girl who turns out to be the girlfriend of Jay’s former best friend.

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

Tells the story of Manhattan columnist Carrie Bradshaw’s high school years, her relationships with her peers, and how she became a writer.

The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Calettie

Scarlet, an introverted high school junior surrounded by outcasts who find her a good listener, learns to break old patterns and reach for hope when her pregnant sister moves home with her new husband, with whom Scarlet feels an instant connection.

Last Dance by Melody Carlson

Carter House Girls Book 8

As graduation and last good-byes approach, the Carter House girls make prom plans and find themselves in heated competition for the limelight in a Mother’s Day fashion show.

House of Night: Burned by PC Cast

House of Night Book 7

When friends stop trusting each other, Darkness is there to fan the flames….
Things have turned black at the House of Night. Zoey Redbird’s soul has shattered. With everything she’s ever stood for falling apart, and a broken heart making her want to stay in the Otherworld forever, Zoey’s fading fast. It’s seeming more and more doubtful that she will be able pull herself back together in time to rejoin her friends and set the world to rights. As the only living person who can reach her, Stark must find a way to get to her.  But how?  He will have to die to do so, the Vampire High Council stipulates.  And then Zoey will give up for sure. There are only 7 days left…
Enter  BFF Stevie Rae.  She wants to help Z but she has massive problems of her own.  The rogue Red Fledglings are acting up, and this time not even Stevie Rae can protect them from the consequences.  Her kinda boyfriend, Dallas, is sweet but too nosy for his own good.  The truth is, Stevie Rae’s hiding a secret that might be the key to getting Zoey home but also threatens to explode her whole world.
In the middle of the whole mess is Aphrodite: ex-Fledgling, trust-fund baby, total hag from Hell (and proud of it).  She’s always been blessed (if you could call it that) with visions that can reveal the future, but now it seems Nyx has decided to speak through her with the goddess’s own voice, whether she wants it or not.  Aphrodite’s loyalty can swing a lot of different ways, but right now Zoey’s fate hangs in the balance.
Three girls… playing with fire… if they don’t watch out, everyone will get Burned.

Alchemy and Meggy Swan by Karen Cushman

In 1573, the crippled, scorned, and destitute Meggy Swann goes to London, where she meets her father, an impoverished alchemist, and eventually discovers that although her legs are bent and weak, she has many other strengths.

Mistwood by Leah Cypess

Brought back from the Mistwood to protect the royal family, a girl who has no memory of being a shape-shifter encounters political and magical intrigue as she struggles with her growing feelings for the prince.

The Clearing by Heather Davis

Amy, a sixteen-year-old girl recovering from an abusive relationship, moves to the country in Washington to live with her great-aunt, and there she discovers a mysterious clearing in the woods where she meets Henry, a boy stuck in the summer of 1944.

For Keeps by Natasha Friend

Just as sixteen-year-old Josie and her mother finally begin trusting men enough to start dating seriously, the father Josie never knew comes back to town and shakes up what was already becoming a difficult mother-daughter relationship.

Once by Morris Gleitzman

Felix, a Jewish boy in Poland in 1942, thinks he’s in a Catholic orphanage while his parents are traveling. However, when he finds out about the war, and that his parents may be in danger, Felix sets off to warn them–straight into the heart of Nazi-occupied Poland.

Paper Daughter by Jeanette Ingold

When her father, a respected journalist in Seattle, is killed in a hit-and-run accident, Maggie Chen, a high school intern at her father’s newspaper, searches for clues to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, an investigation that forces her to confront her ethnicity and a family she never knew. Includes historical notes on Chinese immigration to the United States, “paper sons,” and the Exclusion Era laws.

The Complete History of Why I Hate Her by Jennifer Jacobson

Wanting a break from being known only for her sister’s cancer, seventeen-year-old Nola leaves Boston for a waitressing job at a summer resort in Maine, but soon feels as if her new best friend is taking over her life.

Living Hell by Catherine Jinks

Chronicles the transformation of a spaceship into a living organism, as seventeen-year-old Cheney leads the hundreds of inhabitants in a fight for survival while machines turn on them, treating all humans as parasites.

Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones

After his grandfather dies, Andrew Hope inherits a house and surrounding land in an English village, but things become very complicated when young orphan Aidan shows up and suddenly a host of variously magical townsfolk and interlopers start intruding on their lives.

The Heart is Not a Size by Beth Kephart

Fifteen-year-old Georgia learns a great deal about herself and her troubled best friend Riley when they become part of a group of suburban Pennsylvania teenagers that go to Anapra, a squatters village in the border town of Juarez, Mexico, to undertake a community construction project.

Mercury by Hope Larson

Tara is forced to move in with her cousins after her house burns down. She faces a difficult adjustment while her mother is away trying to earn money. Interwoven with this story is that of Tara’s ancestors, who in 1859 were convinced by a mysterious stranger to put all their money into searching their property for gold.

The Year of Goodbyes by Debbie Levy

This book tells the true story of what happened to a 12-year-old girl named Jutta (Levy’s mother) in 1938.

Center Field by Robert Lipsyte

Mike lives for baseball and hopes to follow his idol into the major leagues one day, but he is distracted by a new player who might take his place in center field, an ankle injury, problems at home, and a growing awareness that something sinister is happening at school.

The Light by DJ MacHale

Morpheus Road Book 1

Sixteen-year-old Marshall Seaver is expecting a boring summer when his best friend goes away, but instead he finds himself haunted–and hunted–by ghosts that want something from him which he cannot decipher.

Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

Ani, a half-mortal driven by her hungers, and Devlin, faery assassin and brother to the High Queen, have reason to fear one another even as they are drawn together to save all of Faerie.

Boys, Bears and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots by Abby McDonald

Seventeen-year-old Jenna, an ardent vegetarian and environmentalist, is thrilled to be spending the summer communing with nature in rural Canada, until she discovers that not all of the rugged residents there share her beliefs.

A Small Free Kiss in the Dark by Glenda Millard

Skip, an eleven-year-old runaway, becomes friends with Billy, a homeless man, and together they flee a war-torn Australian city with six-year-old Max and camp out at a seaside amusement park, where they are joined by Tia, a fifteen-year-old ballerina, and her baby.

Shadow by Jenny Moss

When Shadow, whose job all her life has been to stay close to the young queen and prevent her prophecied death at the age of sixteen, fails in her task and the castle is thrown into chaos, she escapes along with a young knight, embarking upon a journey that eventually reveals her true identity.

Up Over Down Under by Micol Ostow

S.A.S.S. Super Special

When sixteen-year-olds Eliza of Washington, D.C., and Billie of Melbourne, Australia, participate in a semester-long ecology exchange program, Eliza’s plan to “cut loose” out of the public eye goes awry, while Belinda must consider tempering her idealism in order to work within the system.

This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer

When the moon’s gravitational pull increases, causing massive natural disasters on earth, Miranda and her family struggle to survive in a world without cities or sunlight, and wonder if anyone else in still alive.

Efrain’s Secret by Sofia Quintero

Ambitious high school senior and honor student Efrain Rodriguez makes some questionable choices in pursuit of his dream to escape the South Bronx and attend an Ivy League college.

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

Foundling Fever Crumb has been raised as an engineer although females in the future London, England, are not believed capable of rational thought, but at age fourteen she leaves her sheltered world and begins to learn startling truths about her past while facing danger in the present.

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott

Petite and young-looking, seventeen-year-old Sarah has been best friends with the glamorous and seductive Brianna forever, but when she starts liking Brianna’s boyfriend, their friendship becomes precarious.

Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson

A retelling of the Perrault fairy tale set in pre-colonial India, in which two stepsisters receive gifts from a goddess and each walks her own path to find her gift’s purpose, discovering romance along the way.

A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Turner

Kidnapped and sold into slavery, Sophos, an unwilling prince, tries to save his country from being destroyed by rebellion and exploited by the conniving Mede empire.

Raven Speak by Diane Wilson

In 854, the bold fourteen-year-old daughter of a Viking chieftain, aided by her old and thin but equally intrepid horse and an ancient, one-eyed seer, must find a way to keep her clan together and save them from starvation.


March New Books

February 24, 2010

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Anastasia’s Secret by Susanne Dunlap

As world war and the looming Russian Revolution threaten all they hold dear, Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Czar Nicholas II, and her family are being held in captivity, where she falls in love with one of their captors, a young man who has espoused the ideals of Lenin.

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

High school junior Violet uses her uncanny ability to sense murderers and their victims to try to stop a serial killer who is terrorizing her town, and although her best friend and would-be boyfriend Jay promises to keep her safe, she becomes a target.

Borderline by Allan Stratton

Despite the strained relationship between them, teenaged Sami Sabiri risks his life to uncover the truth when his father is implicated in a terrorist plot.

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

Sixteen-year-old Sydelle Mirabel, an unusually talented weaver, must master her mysterious power and join a young wizard in stopping an imminent war in her land.

The Clone Codes by Pat McKissack

On the run from a bounty hunter who arrested her mother for being part of a secret society devoted to freeing clones, thirteen-year-old Leanna learns amazing truths about herself and her family as she is forced to consider the value of freedom and what it really means to be human in 2170 America.

Darklight by Lesley Livingston

After a dangerous encounter in Central Park, actress Kelley Winslow, who has only recently learned that she is a Faerie, journeys to the Otherworld and begins to untangle the strands of a magical conspiracy with far-reaching consequences.  Sequel to Wonderous Strange.

Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

Gabry lives a quiet life in a town trapped between a forest and the ocean, hemmed in by the dead who hunger for the living, but her mother Mary’s secrets, a cult of religious zealots who worship the dead, and a stranger from the forest who seems to know Gabry threaten to destroy her world.

Epitaph Road by David Patneaude

In 2097, men are a small and controlled minority in a utopian world ruled by women, and fourteen-year-old Kellen must fight to save his father from an outbreak of the virus that killed ninety-seven percent of the male population thirty years earlier.

Escaping the Tiger by Laura Manivong

In 1982 twelve-year-old Vonlai, his parents, and sister Dalah, escape from Laos to a Thai refugee camp where they spend four long years struggling to survive in hopes of one day reaching America.

Fablehaven Book 5: Keys to the Demon Prison

Since ancient times, the great demon prison Zzyzx has protected the world from the most dangerous servants of darkness, including Gorgrog, the Demon King. After centuries of plotting, the Sphinx is on the verge of recovering the five artifacts necessary to open the legendary prison. Facing the potential of a world-ending calamity, all friends of light must unite in a final effort to thwart the Sphinx s designs and find a safe home for the five artifacts. To this end, Kendra, Seth, and the Knights of the Dawn will venture far beyond the walls of Fablehaven to strange and exotic magical preserves across the globe, where the end of every quest becomes the beginning of another. In this explosive series finale, allegiances will be confirmed and secrets revealed as the forces of light and darkness collide in a desperate struggle to control the keys to the demon prison. 5th book in the Fablehaven series

Fading Echoes by Erin Hunter

As Dovepaw, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze strive to understand and fulfill the prophecy that promises them great power, the cats of the Dark Forest begin to teach battle skills and techniques to different Clan cats through dreams.

Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson

When Max and the Flock discover an unscrupulous scientist who is experimenting on humans in an effort to “improve” the human race, they decide they must try to stop him, in spite of Angel’s prediction about Fang dying.

Forget-Her-Nots by Amy White

At a Charlottesville, Virginia, boarding school, fourteen-year-old Laurel realizes that she shares her deceased mother’s connection with flowers, but as she begins to learn their ancient language and share it with other students, she discovers powers that are beyond her control.

Gone by Lisa McMann

While eighteen-year-old Janie ponders her future with Cabe, knowing that her being a dream-catcher means eventual blindness and crippling, she encounters her past as the father she never knew is hospitalized with brain trauma and seems to need her help.

Hourglas by Claudia Gray

Star-crossed lovers Lucas and Bianca are on the run, pursued not only by Black Cross vampire hunters but also by the powerful vampires of Evernight, when Bianca learns that her destiny is tied to that of the wraiths. Part of the Evernight series.

Is It night or Day? by Fern Chapman

In 1938, Edith Westerfeld, a young German Jew, is sent by her parents to Chicago, Illinois, where she lives with an aunt and uncle and tries to assimilate into American culture, while worrying about her parents and mourning the loss of everything she has ever known. Based on the author’s mother’s experience, includes an afterword about a little-known program that brought twelve hundred Jewish children to safety during World War II.

Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson

HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT. Sylvie is sure Carl loves her, so why hasn’t he kissed her? Sylvie and Carl have always been best friends, and Sylvie’s always dreamed that they’d get married someday. But when she begins to realize that Carl may be more interested in boys than girls, Sylvie struggles to hold on to the pieces of her shattered dreams. With her trademark blend of honesty, sensitivity, and humor, bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson delivers a novel for teens about first love, first heartbreak, and the power of a kiss.
The Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Francisco Stork
Seventeen-year-old Pancho is bent on avenging the senseless death of his sister, but after he meets D.Q, who is dying of cancer, and Marisol, one of D.Q.’s caregivers, both boys find their lives changed by their interactions.
Light Beneath Ferns by Anne Spollen
Upon moving to her mother’s upstate New York home after her gambler father leaves, ninth-grader Elizah just wants to be left alone until she meets Nathaniel in the cemetery where her mother is caretaker, and feels instantly drawn to him.
The Line by Teri Hall
Rachel thinks that she and her mother are safe working for Ms. Moore at her estate close to The Line, an invisible border of the Unified States, but when Rachel has an opportunity to Cross into the forbidden zone, she is both frightened and intrigued.
Max Cassidy in Shadow Island by Paul Adam
British fourteen-year-old Max Cassidy calls on his skills and training as a professional escape artist when he attempts to clear his mother of murdering his father, who disappeared two years earlier in the Central American country of Santo Domingo.
My So-Called Death by Stacey Jay
After dying in a cheerleading accident, high school freshman Karen turns into a zombie and enrolls at a boarding school for the undead where she uncovers a murder mystery.
Ostrich Boys by Keith Gray
After their best friend Ross dies, English teenagers Blake, Kenny, and Sim plan a proper memorial by taking his ashes to Ross, Scotland, an adventure-filled journey that tests their loyalty to each other and forces them to question what friendship means.
The Pickle King by Rebecca Promitzer
During an endlessly rainy summer in the town of Elbow, twelve-year-old Bea and her misfit friends solve an unlikely mystery involving an unidentified dead man who is missing an eye, an evil surgeon, a ring shaped like an old castle, a bag of smelly intestines, and a helpful ghost.
The Returners by Gemma Malley
Will Hodges wonders why “freaks” began following him after his mother drowned, but when he finally discovers what they want, he can begin to make sense of the nightmares he has always had and try to do something about the anti-immigrant hatred that his father so vehemently espouses.
Roy Morelli Steps Up to the Plate by Thatcher Heldring
Eight-grader Roy Morelli can’t wait for baseball season to start so he can take his rightful place as shortstop for the Pilchuk All-Star team. Being on the All-Stars is just the warm-up for the big leagues: the varsity baseball team at the high school Roy will go to next year. But when Roy’s divorced parents find out he’s failing history, they make him quit the All-Stars. It’s nothisfault the only thing interesting about history class is Valerie Hopkins, and she won’t even give Roy the time of day. Now Roy is stuck on a losing team in the wimpy rec league, and instead of playing ball every spare minute, he’s spending his afternoons with a tutor—who just happens to be his dad’s brainiac girlfriend. If Roy’s going to impress the varsity baseball coach, he’s sure he should be looking out for number one, not wasting his time studying. After all,baseballis what Roy does best. But when his grades continue to slide and his teammates get tired of his know-it-all attitude, Roy Morelli will need to step up to the plate. . . .
Saving Maddie by Varian Johnson
Joshua Wynn is a preacher’s son and a “good boy” who always does the right thing. Until Maddie comes back to town. Maddie is the daughter of the former associate pastor of Joshua’s church, and his childhood crush. Now Maddie is all grown up, gorgeous–and troubled.
Shadow Mirror by Richie Cusick
Seventeen-year-old Miranda Barnes’ ability to communicate with spirits gets her in trouble when she crosses over to the “Other Side,” and only love will bring her back.
The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
In the months after her sister dies, seventeen-year-old Lennie falls into a love triangle and discovers the strength to follow her dream of becoming a musician.
The Softwire: Awakening on Orbis 4 by PJ Haarsma
As the Scion’s guardian, Johnny Turnbull is expected to begin training as a Space Jumper, a role he promised his girlfriend Max he would never take on, and which might not be enough to save his sister and friends when Orbis is threatened.

Split by Stefan Petrucha
After his mother dies, Wade Jackson cannot decide whether to become a musician or a scholar, so he does both–splitting his consciousness into two distinct worlds.

Split by Swati Avasthi
A teenaged boy thrown out of his house by his abusive father goes to live with his older brother, who ran away from home years ago to escape the abuse.
A Spy in the House by Rushang Li
Rescued from the gallows in 1850s London, young orphan and thief Mary Quinn is offered a place at Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls where she is trained to be part of an all-female investigative unit called The Agency and, at age seventeen, she infiltrates a rich merchant’s home in hopes of tracing his missing cargo ships. First book in the Agency series.
Stuck on Earth by David Klass
On a secret mission to evaluate whether the human race should be annihilated, a space alien inhabits the body of a bullied fourteen-year-old boy.

That’s Life Samara Brooks by Daniel Ehrenhaft
When thirteen-year-old Samara devises a genetics experiment to cover up her involvement in a middle school gambling scheme, she and two classmates make a discovery that causes them to question their beliefs about God, aliens, or “Whoever-you-Are.”

To Come and Go Like Magic by Katie Fawcett
In the 1970s, twelve-year-old Chili Sue Mahoney longs to escape her tiny Kentucky home town and see the world, but she also learns to recognize beauty in the people and places around her.
Vampire Diaries: The Return, The Shadow Souls
On the run . . .Elena Gilbert’s love, the vampire Stefan Salvatore, has been captured and imprisoned by demonic spirits who are wreaking havoc in Fell’s Church. While her friends Bonnie and Meredith explore the evil that has taken over their town, Elena goes in search of Stefan.In order to find him, she entrusts her life to Stefan’s brother, Damon Salvatore, the handsome but deadly vampire who wants Elena, body and soul. Along with her childhood friend Matt, they set out for the slums of the Dark Dimension, where Stefan is being held captive. It is rumored to be a world where vampires and demons roam free, but humans must live enslaved to their supernatural masters. . . .Elena will stop at nothing to free Stefan. Yet with each passing day the tension between Elena and Damon grows, and she is faced with a terrible decision: Which brother does she really want?Back in Fell’s Church, Bonnie and Meredith have made some dire discoveries. They hastily try to follow Elena and warn her-only to be caught up in Elena’s most dangerous adventure yet.

Vintage Veronica by Erica Perl
After getting a job at a vintage clothing shop and quickly bonding with two older girls, fifteen-year-old Veronica finds herself making bad decisions in order to keep their friendship.
Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn
In a parallel world where humans and dragons live in a state of cold war, seventeen-year-old Kay and her dragon friend, Artegal, struggle to find a way to show that dragons and humans can co-exist.

New Books For February

January 26, 2010

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The River by Mary Jane Beaufrand

Teenager Ronnie’s life is transformed by the murder of a ten-year-old neighbor for whom she babysat, and who had helped Ronnie adjust to living at a country inn on the banks of the Santiam River in Hoodoo, Oregon.

The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpern by Josh Berk

When Will Halpin transfers from his all-deaf school into a mainstream Pennsylvania high school, he faces discrimination and bullying, but still manages to solve a mystery surrounding the death of a popular football player in his class.

Albatross by Josie Bloss

A new student develops a destructive crush on a musician in love with the mysterious and alluring “albatross” around his neck.

Possessed by Kate Cann

Sixteen-year-old Rayne escapes London, her mother, and boyfriend for a job in the country at Morton’s Keep, where she is drawn to a mysterious clique and its leader, St. John, but puzzles over whether the growing evil she senses is from the manor house or her new friends.

The Life of Glass by Jillian Cantor

Throughout her freshman year of high school, fourteen-year-old Melissa struggles to hold onto memories of her deceased father, cope with her mother’s return to dating, get along with her sister, and sort out her feelings about her best friend, Ryan.

Heist Society by Ally Carter

A group of teenagers uses their combined talents to re-steal several priceless paintings and save fifteen-year-old Kat Bishop’s father, himself an international art thief, from a vengeful collector.

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook
“The Count of Monte Cristo” meets “Mean Girls” in this scandalicious, hilarious tale of friendship, betrayal, makeovers, and revenge.
In a Heartbeat by Loretta Ellsworth
Told in their separate voices, Eagan, who has died in a figure-skating accident, becomes a heart donor for Amelia, who then begins taking on some aspects of Eagan’s personality.
Remote Control by Jack Heath
Teenage agent Six of Hearts is suspected of being a double agent, which has him on the run from his fellow agents at the Deck while also trying to track down his brother’s kidnappers.

The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques

The courageous Redwall creatures band together as Vilaya, the evil Sable Quean, and her horde of vermin attempt to make off with the young animals of the Abbey.

Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson

Ever since Mrs. Amberson entered Scarlett Martin’s life, nothing has been the same. Now in the sequel to “Suite Scarlett,” Scarlett is Mrs. Amberson’s assistant, running around town for her star client, Chelsea, a Broadway star Scarlett’s age with a knack for making her feel insignificant.

The Enchanted Quest by Frewin Johnson

Princess Tania must travel outside of the Immortal Realm to seek a cure for the plague afflicting her people, while joined in spirit with all of the children of Aurealis to weave a web of protection over the Realm of Faerie.

The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan

Charlie West went to bed one night an ordinary high school student, but when he woke up, he was a hunted man. Terrorists are trying to kill him. The police want to arrest him for the death of his best friend. With his pursuers closing in on every side, Charlie makes his way back to his hometown to find some answers.

Ashes by Kathryn Lasky

In 1932 Berlin, thirteen-year-old Gaby Schramm witnesses the beginning of Hitler’s rise to power, as soldiers become ubiquitous, her beloved literature teacher starts wearing a jewelled swastika pin, and the family’s dear friend, Albert Einstein, leaves the country while Gaby’s parents secretly bury his books and papers in their small yard.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

Finnikin was a young child when the royal family of  Lumatere was murdered and replaced by an impostor.  Now there is a curse that keeps everyone within the walls.  Finnikin is on the cusp of adulthood and is compelled to joy forces with Evanjalin to try to find a surviving royal child and break the curse that binds them in Lumatere.

Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers

Teenage Reese, serving time at a juvenile detention facility, gets a lesson in making it through hard times from an unlikely friend with a harrowing past.

Dirty Little Secrets by Cynthia Omololu

When her unstable mother dies unexpectedly, sixteen-year-old Lucy must take control and find a way to keep the long-held secret of her mother’s compulsive hoarding from being revealed to friends, neighbors, and especially the media.

Little Miss Red by Robin Palmer

Sophie Greene dreams of being more like the star of her favorite romance novels. All of that changes when Sophie goes to Florida to visit her grandma and she finds herself seated next to a good-looking guy on the plane. Before she knows it, Sophie’s living on the edge.

Dragon by Jeff Stone

Long, the dragon-style warrior, saw his temple burned, his brothers killed, and his novice siblings fleeing to the four winds. Now the future of China lies in the hands of five young monks. The seventh–and final–part of the Five Ancestors series.

Rikers High by Paul Volponi
Arrested on a minor offense, a New York City teenager attends high school in the jail facility on Rikers Island, as he waits for his case to go to court.
A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker
When the principal of her high school announces that every senior must participate in a year-long marriage education program, Fiona learns some unexpected lessons about people, friendship, crushes, and cheerleading.
Numbers by Rachel Ward
Fifteen-year-old Jem knows when she looks at someone the exact date they will die, so she avoids relationships and tries to keep out of the way, but when she meets a boy named Spider and they plan a day out together, they become more involved than either of them had planned.


More Books for January!

January 13, 2010

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They Never Came Back by Caroline Cooney

When fifteen-year-old Cathy decides to carpool from Norwalk to tony Greenwich, Connecticut, to study Latin in summer school, she does not expect the shocking events that occurred five years earlier to suddenly come flooding back into her relatively settled life.

The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Fed up with boys and the way they have treated her and her friends, high school junior Penny Lane–named after the Beatles song–forms a club whose members vow to stop dating, but the repercussions are surprising.

The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard

Reading the journal of the high-society girl he was secretly involved with for a year helps high school senior Colt cope with her death and come closer to understanding why she needed him while continuing to be the girlfriend of a wealthy classmate.

Dream Life by Lauren Mechling

Claire Voyante’s dreams lead her to investigate the New York secret society that her best friend is being initiated into, while at the same time she tries to keep her own psychic powers a secret. Sequel to Dream Girl.

The Mark by Jen Nadol

While in Kansas living with an aunt she never knew existed and taking a course in philosophy, sixteen-year-old Cass struggles to learn what, if anything, she should do with her ability to see people marked to die within a day’s time.

Flightsend by Linda Newbery

Flightsend is Charlie’s new home, whether she likes it or not. Her mother sees it as an end to all that’s gone so tragically wrong, a chance for a fresh start. Although Charlie believes that her mother is intent on making disastrous mistakes, she can only offer support — but who will support Charlie with Sean out of their lives? And she’s certain that the move to a remote, ramshackle cottage will just make things worse.”–Dustjacket flap.

By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters

High school student Daelyn Rice, who has been bullied throughout her school career and has more than once attempted suicide, again makes plans to kill herself, in spite of the persistent attempts of an unusual boy to draw her out.

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

A mentally ill sixteen-year-old girl reunites with her estranged mother in an East Texas town that is haunted with doors to dimensions of the dead and protected by demon hunters called Mortmaine.

Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

As teenagers Brooklyn and Nico work to help each other recover from the deaths of Brooklyn’s boyfriend–Nico’s brother Lucca–and their friend Gabe, the two begin to rediscover their passion for life, and a newly blossoming passion for one another.

I Kissed a Zombie and I Like It by Adam Selzer

Living in the post-human era when the undead are part of everyday life, high schooler Alley breaks her no-dating rule when Doug catches her eye, but classmate Will demands to turn her into a vampire and her zombie boyfriend may be unable to stop him.

Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials

Transferring to a new high school, freshman Charlotte “Charlie” Healey faces tough choices as she tries to shed her “mean girl” image.


New Books for January!

January 2, 2010

Here is a list of new books that are coming during January!

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Freefall by Ariela Anhalt

Luke, a Briar Academy senior, avoids conflict and lets other people make his decisions.  But now, he has to decide whether to stand by his best friend who reckless, has endangered Luke’s life and may have caused another student’s death.

Player’s Ruse: A Knight and Rogue Novel by Hillari Bell

Michael, an aspiring knight errant in the spirit of Don Quixote, and Fisk, a thief turned squire, make a wonderfully quirky team in this hilarious fantasy series.  The two relate their journey to Huckerston in alternating chapters. Third in the Knight and Rogue series.

The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan

A teenaged English thief is recruited for a secret operation that trains teens in remote viewing and astral projection techniques to make them super-secret spies. Fans of Alex Rider will love this book.

Wish by Alexandra Bullen

Grief stricken Olivia, moves to San Francisco after her twin sister, Violet, unexpectedly dies.  One night, while wearing a beautiful dress gifted by a mysterious seamstress, Olivia wishes for her sister to come back.  The next morning, Olivia wakes to find her sister’s ghost and a surprise from the mysterious seamstress.

Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn

Very LeFreak, as she known to everyone, has a problem.  She is addicted to her electronic gadgets.  She can’t get enough of emailing, texting, video games and anything else electronic.  Now her friends and professors at Columbia University have staged an intervention and she is going to rehab.  Can she give up here addiction and learn to live life by herself?

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

Seventeen year old Grace Divine learns a dark secret from a returning childhood friend.  It upsets her entire family, especially since so many strange things have been happening around their small Minnesota town.

Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore

Nimira’s family used to be rich.  Now she must dance for pennies.  However, when a wealthy sorcerer ask her to sing with an automaton, everything changes.  The sorcerer’s secrets begin to stir. Read a review here

The Girl with the Mermaid Hair by Delia Ephron

Sukie is extremely vain.  She is always checking herself in the mirror to make sure she looks perfect.  When her mom gives her a full-length mirror that belonged to her grandmother, she couldn’t be more excited.  The mirror ends up showing Sukie more about herself than she expects.

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron is a vast prison with cells, cities and wilderness.  Finn, a seventeen year old, doesn’t remember his childhood, but knows he must have been on the outside at some point.  When he finds a crystal key that allows him to communicate with the outside, Claudia begins to help him to try to escape.

Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey

Sixteen year old, Solange, is the only female vampire born in the last 900 years.  She has been able to outwit her seven older brothers over the years and now must outwit Kieran Black, a member of an anti-vampire league, who is intent on staking her entire family. First in the series The Drake Chronicles.

All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab

After the death of his ex-girlfriend Carly, northern California high school student Neily joins forces with Carly’s cousin Audrey to try to solve her murder.

Undead Much by Stacey Jay

Sixteen-year-old Megan Berry learns the secret of why she is such a powerful Settler, gets help from a new friend in battling a siege from a zombie army, and tries to reach second base with her boyfriend, Ethan. Sequel to You are so undead to me

Sweet, Hereafter by Angela Johnson

Sweet leaves her family and goes to live in a cabin in the woods with the quiet but understanding Curtis, to whom she feels intensely connected, just as he is called back to serve again in Iraq.

Captivate by Carrie Jones

High school junior Zara and her friends continue to try to contain the pixies that threaten their small Maine town, but when a Valkyrie takes Zara’s boyfriend, Nick, to Valhalla, the only way to save him is to trust a pixie king, Astley. Second in the Need series.  Read a interview with the author here.

Conspiracy 365: January by Gabrielle Lord

On New Year’s Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a staggering, sick man with a deadly warning “They killed your father. They’ll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days. Hurled into a life on the fun the 15-year-old fugitive is isolated and alone. Hunted by the law and ruthless criminals, Cal must somehow uncover the truth about his father’s mysterious death and a history-changing secret. Who can he turn to, who can he trust, when the whole world seems to want him dead? The clock is ticking . Any second could be his last. First book in a series.  There will be one book per month in this series.

Tangled by Carolyn Mackler

The lives of four very different teenagers become entangled in ways that none of them could have imagined after a short stay at a Caribbean resort.

Bad Blood by Marianne Mancusi

Sunny and her twin sister Rayne travel to Las Vegas, where Sunny’s boyfriend Magnus, the leader of the Blood Coven, is attending a vampire convention where he will take a beautiful female as his blood mate. Fourth book in the Blood Coven series

The Dragons of Darkness by Antonia Michaelis

Two boys from very different backgrounds are thrown together by magic, mayhem, and a common foe as they battle deadly dragons in the wilderness of Nepal.

Dizzy in Your Eyes by Pat Mora

Poems about love

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen

From his 1776 Pennsylvania homestead, thirteen-year-old Samuel, who is a highly-skilled woodsman, sets out toward New York City to rescue his parents from the band of British soldiers and Indians who kidnapped them after slaughtering most of their community. Includes historical notes.

Thirst #2: Phantom, Evil Thirst and Creatures of Forever by Christopher Pike

This bind-up of Pike’s classic paranormal thriller includes “Phantom, Evil Thirst,” and “Creatures of Forever.”

The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz

Allie, a sixteen-year-old who is obsessed with LPs, works at the used record store on Telegraph Ave. and deals with crushes–her own and her mother’s–her increasingly popular blog and zine, and generally grows up over the course of one summer in her hometown of Berkeley, California.

Pretty Little Liars: Heartless

Seventh in the series of Pretty Little Liars

After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick

Although Jeff and Tad, encouraged by a new friend, Lindsey, make a deal to help one another overcome aftereffects of their cancer treatments in preparation for eighth-grade graduation, Jeff still craves advice from his older brother Stephen, who is studying drums in Africa. Sequel to Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie.

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

Regina, a high school senior in the popular–and feared–crowd, suddenly falls out of favor and becomes the object of the same sort of vicious bullying that she used to inflict on others, until she finds solace with one of her former victims.

Nothing by Janne Teller

When thirteen-year-old Pierre Anthon leaves school to sit in a plum tree and train for becoming part of nothing, his seventh grade classmates set out on a desperate quest for the meaning of life.  This book received a great review from Booklist (one of those nerdy magazines where librarians get information)